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Sometimes you come across an intriguing story and you wonder: 'What if?'. So in 2013 I visited Frank van Rouendal, in a small town somewhere at the east border of The Netherlands.
A couple of years ago I stumbled upon an interesting project. A company called Silvermine was building their own race car somewhere in The Netherlands. The progress could be followed on their website and at a certain point this Silvermine 11P prototype chassis was test driving at high speeds on a closed-off airfield. But the car was still missing actual bodywork. So I decided to contact this company. And that's when I met Frank.
I teamed up with my brother Andries van Overbeeke, also a designer. In the following months, we developed an exterior design for the production version of the 11P, the new Silvermine 11SR race car. In 2014 the new exterior design will be revealed step by step and plans are made to produce this first body.
For more information about Marco and Andries van Overbeeke, please visit  www.marcovanoverbeeke.nl and http://www.behance.net/andriesvanoverbeeke
The 11SR is the brainchild of Frank van Rouendal, a Dutch marine engineer and machine constructor. He has been dreaming for years to design and build his own race car. The unique chassis has been developed from the ground up and completely designed in CAD. He constructed the complete prototype chassis in his own garage.
Silvermine bv – Press release May 2014
Silvermine 11SR
The development of the new Silvermine 11SR continues apace. Frank van Rouendal is making progress in the realisation of the newly designed body for his self-created chassis.
Van Rouendal’s original intention was to develop a sports car suitable for the road and for the track. In a later
stage he decided to focus all efforts on the use as circuit-racer. This also creates a good basis for further
development of the chassis. The existing prototype is therefore presently being converted into a pure track day
execution. In this guise the car’s ride height is reduced, wider and lower tyres are fitted to bigger wheels, an
engine treatment is improving the performance, plus a few more updates that presently cannot be made
It goes without saying that such a conversion is not performed by simply mounting “fast” components on the
car. Silvermine has run a complete review of the main goals of the design, to obtain good race properties in this car. Clever adjustments of the suspension geometry, a slight modification of steering and braking set-up, and an aero package aimed at optimum stability, are all directed to form a solid base for the metamorphosis of the prototype into a full-blooded track day racer.
A car like this cannot be built by one man alone. Although it is the brainchild of Van Rouendal, he has
cooperated with a number of high quality suppliers and product developers, and each of them has used his
expertise to supply bespoke components for the 11SR. Without the involvement of highly competent suppliers
a project like this could never succeed. Although all parts of the car have been designed and calculated inhouse, a proper technical dialogue with suppliers is essential. In this way the perfect recipe for each specific
component can be attained. The proper alloy, the optimum damper curve, the best suited transmission ratio,
on each front the interaction between designer and supplier results in another piece of this unique product.
In the 11SR it is not difficult to find good examples of this cooperation. Many bespoke components of the car
are based on a supplier’s existing product, adapted to comply with the special requirements that resulted from
the design. This is certainly the case for the gearbox, wheels, brake discs, exhaust system, fuel safety cells, etc. A “makers list” can be downloaded at www.silvermine.nl by those who are curious to know the names behind all the pieces of the puzzle.
Exterior design
Automotive freelance designers Marco and Andries van Overbeeke are part of the group of suppliers. Together,
the brothers have created a custom-made suit for the beautiful and high-grade chassis of the 11SR. The design is in its final stage and preparations have been made to produce the prototype body in the near future. Step-by-step the design will come out of the dark into the daylight. This time a few aspects are unveiled and some sketches and teasers are presented.
Contact & Information
The Silvermine 11SR is the end result of skilful engineering and a passion for cars: a combination of the man
who built the race car of his dreams and two brothers who were assigned to design a bespoke body. Silvermine will reveal chunks of the technical specifications and the 11SR’s new body in the coming months.
For more information about the Silvermine 11SR, visit www.silvermine.nl or send an e-mail to
info@silvermine.nl. The web site also shows the actual development process and the videos of the first track tests.
For more information about Marco en Andries van Overbeeke, please visit www.marcovanoverbeeke.nl and http://www.behance.net/andriesvanoverbeeke
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