Early 2015 I started making digital renderings of classic FORD GT40 liveries projected on the new FORD GT, see tribute. Since then I have received several requests from GT40 owners and enthusiasts to render additional liveries. Therefore, the collection of liveries is still growing and now also available in an exciting coffee table book.
Coffee table book
This book (available in L-size and XL-size) can now be ordered. To order, please contact me via Behance or mail@marcovanoverbeeke.nl. Each copy of the book has a customized photo cover (hard cover) and full colour, high gloss, lay flat pages. Any ordered renderings can also be added to the book.
Custom renderings
Since they are extremely rare and renowned race cars, every GT40 has its own story and heritage which makes it unique. I try to recreate the livery as true to the original as possible. To complete each illustration, I do online research and add archive material of the actual chassis. 
Below you see the renderings commissioned by Philip Walker, owner and driver of P/1041.

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