After I published my GT40 livery tribute project, I was contacted by Claude Nahum, a known car collector and driver, owning four GT40's: P1016 (original), P1078 (original), P1075 (replica) and GT101 (unique replica of very first prototype). Since I had already addressed two of his GT40's in the tribute project, he commissioned me to make the remaining two, GT101 and P1078.
He also invited me to visit 24h Le Mans 2015. I had a fantastic weekend enjoying the race, meeting up with Claude Nahum and seeing/hearing GT40's in real life for the first time. Not only were his cars at the Ferrari/Ford exhibition, he also raced his P1078 in the Classic Le Mans race on Saturday morning, just hours before the start of the actual 24h Le Mans.
That weekend FORD also had their press release of the new GT racer at the Ford Performance Center. I was excited to meet shortly with Chris Svensson, Moray Callum and Craig Metros from the GT Design Team and show them the tribute project, bundled in a new book. 
This book contains all the images I made for the tribute project and will soon go to print. It will be available in hard cover, 22 cm (h) x 29 cm (w), 80 pages, full colour). If you're interested, you can place an order via mail@marcovanoverbeeke.nl
The original GT101 prototype was lost unfortunately. This is the unique replica Claude Nahum commissioned to build and it drove its first miles at Le Mans 2015.
P1078, driven by Bernard Thuner, won the 2015 Classic Le Mans race on Saturday morning. Here we are on the circuit, feeling that exhilarating tension in the air, only hours away from the start of the 2015 24h Le Mans race.
Can't wait to see this car race in 2016!

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