I made this artist impression of a 2018 Formula One fantasy concept for Q Associates, Specialist IT Services based in the UK, to be used as a banner for their online Fantasy Motorsport game. This privately organised non-commercial free game is open to employees and customers of Q Associates only.

This artist impression is based on a 2018 Ferrari SF71H press image. I made a custom livery with the brand colors of Q Associates and partner logo's. All logo's used are property of their respective owners and serve an artistic non-commercial purpose. This fantasy concept features modified winglets (floor, front wing, nosecose, side pod, Halo), nose, shark fin, central roll hoop air inlet, floor air outlet, integrated air inlet with the Halo, side pods, pitot tube, side mirrors, barge boards etc.
Variations with white and purple tires.

For their 2017 Fantasy Motorsport season Q Associates used one of my F1 concept artist impressions for the first time. This impression was part of a series of prediction renders visualizing the then upcoming 2017 Formula One regulations: https://www.behance.net/gallery/31167685/2017-F1-regulations-visualized-Mercedes-W08-preview

The 2017 and 2018 banners for the Q Associates Fantasy Motorsport website.
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